No tricks, only treats!

Self-care comes in many shape and form. Sometimes you just want to indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure snack - no judgment ;) With I.AM.caps we wanted to create an alternative to coffee that you can enjoy all day, every day - with no downsides, only benefits!

Curious about those benefits? Keep on reading!

Oh matcha.. barely needs an introduction. Everyone's favourite fluffy, green drink is as good for you as it looks. The best coffee alternative for energy, without the jitters.

+ Boosts brain function
+ Very high in anti-oxidants
+ Protects your liver

Beetroot is a nutritional powerhouse, full of vitamin C, iron, potassium and folate. Women are especially at risk of being iron deficient, so important to supplement naturally.

+ Lowers blood pressure
+ Improves exercise performance - work out smarter, not harder ;)

Turmeric and especially its most active ingredient curcumin is a true all-rounder: it's been scientifically proven to protect against heart diseases and even cancers.

+ Improves and balances mood
+ Supports digestion
+ Helps your skin heal from the inside out

Chai is made of spices known for their healing benefits from Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. Bonus: it's delicious and helps your digestion - winning!

+ Antibacterial
+ Anti-oxidants
+ Reduces inflammation

Ginger has been used for medicinal purposes starting as long as 3000 years ago. Love it or hate it, it's definitely good for you. Enjoy the burn.

+ Supports your immune system
+ Anti-inflammatory
​+ Increases metabolism

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