About us

So... Who's behind all of this?!

I.AM.caps was founded by three generations of life enthusiasts in search for alternatives to coffee. They were determined to offer a healthy refreshment in the form of a capsule. Different flavors and bright colors, in order to spread happiness and love to every single person on this planet. They seem to be on to something...

About us

Meet Karin, Francis & Merel…

Together they form the perfect team for I.AM.caps. They all possess a different skillset that contributes to the success of this new kid on the block. Karin, as a former lawyer, is the legal wizard of I.AM.caps. She is kind of like the Jessica Pearson of the firm ;)
Francis is the “hands on” organizer for different I.AM.caps events. She loves to inspire customers and is excited to spread the word.

Merel is the creative & marketing guru. She creates instagrammable concepts that you see on the I.AM.caps feed every day!

How it all started...

Karin, Francis and Merel started I.AM.caps through their shared passion for
creating a conscious and healthy lifestyle. The idea was born on their favourite place on earth: Ibiza. They noticed that being away from the buzz of the city created space for inspiration and creation. And BOOM: there it was. An idea for alternatives for coffee in a traditional Nespresso capsule. One week after the idea was born, they met with one of the owners of the largest capsule factory in Europe, which was also a close friend and they shared their idea. Here, the journey started…

After testing a number of ingredients they came up with 5 flavors that were suitable, and more importantly: that were delicious! Beetroot, matcha, turmeric, ginger & chai. They reached out to a family member who designed the packaging and the product was ready to go.
Right after the launch of I.AM.caps in December 2019 they quickly decided to conquer the world. I.AM.caps now has global shipment and is even considering to send the first I.AM.cap into space… ;) ("If Elon can do it then so can we…!”)


About us

Spreading Happiness & Love is Their Mission

By now you will hopefully have noticed that the ladies of I.AM.caps put great amount of pride and love in everything they do. From the selection of flavors to the final delivery and every step in between.

They also love the planet and have long ago joined the movement in making the world a better place. They therefore use bio-degradable capsules and will continue to look for ways in making their business as carbon neutral as possible.

But for now… the most important thing is to experience the love and joy Karin, Francis and Merel have put into this product.


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