Go green or go home

We can't imagine running a business where we don't try our very best to be sustainable. I.AM.caps is still a young business and not perfect, but we are working hard to improve every day.

💚 Our capsules are supplied by the Green Ring™. They are 100% plant-based, no plastic in sight. Instead, they are made of sugarcane and sugar beet - sounds sweet, but not edible ;)

💚 Being plant-based means they also fully decompose under the right conditions, leaving no trace behind.

💚 Unlike with other brands, you also won't find any aluminium in our caps. No aluminium means no toxins left behind.

💚 The packaging is made of 100% recycled materials.

💚 On the outside the of each box you can read the story of the Green Ring™ - a nice daily reminder for the contribution you are making by avoiding plastics where possible.

💚 Most of our caps contain only one ingredient. The only exception is chai, where we combined multiple spices - but nothing else. No additives for flavour or preservatives. 

💚 Also no sweetener, but feel free to sweeten your drink with honey, stevia or brown sugar.

💚 We choose to keep things simple so we can stay as close to nature as possible while nourishing our bodies.

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