How to drink your I.AM.caps

First things first

The perfect portion size for our caps is 40 ml. Therefore you should always use the SMALL or ESPRESSO button on your Nespresso machine to create the perfect shot.*

Then it's time to get creative!


Strong and full of flavour - the capspresso is perfect to drink hot or cold as a shot of pure goodness. Make sure you use the small or espresso button.


For optimal result, please add some boiling water to your shot. If you use the button with the bigger cup the flavour won't be as strong and you might get a watery drink.

Latte Capschiato

Just add your preferred (plant-based) milk to the shot. We think Oatly and I.AM.caps  is a match made in heaven. The recommended ratio is 3/4 milk then 1 or 2 shots.


The perfect Capsuccino is 2/3 milk and 1 shot. We recommend using a milk foamer to create that lovely foamy texture.

Iced latte

If you have a Nespresso Aeroccino, you can use it to create cold foamed milk. Just press and hold the button until it turns blue, instead of red. Easy! This video shows you how it works.

There is a million fun ways you use I.AM.caps

Chai oatmeal

Healthy breakfast that taste like desert, the perfect way to star your day.


Beetroot strawberry proteinshake

Spice up your post-work out routine with I.AM.caps and say goodbye to boring shakes.


Matcha cookies

Cookies with hidden benefits, thanks to the addition of matcha, full of antioxidants.


Chai Martini

These are the perfect low-caffeine alternative to espresso martinis.


Beetroot babyccino

Sweet tooth? The beetroot cap contains (only) natural sugars, which makes it a healthy sweet treat. Just add some milk of your choice.

* It's a little known fact, but Nespresso machines can be programmed to your liking.

This means that the amount of water that comes out with the small and big cup buttons are completely adjustable. In fact, different types of Nespresso machines have different factory settings, so the small button can range between 25 and 50ml.

We recommend that you adjust your Nespresso to 40ml. Here is a handy video on how to do that.

Please note: that are 20+ different types of Nespresso machines, they each have instructions videos on Nespresso's Youtube page.

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