What is I.AM.caps?

Hey you… First of all welcome to the world of I.AM.caps! You probably found yourself here by way of our colorful Instagram, some cool magazine that wrote about us or through a friend that is currently obsessed with this new “colorful coffee alternative” you absolutely HAVE to try. Either way, we are very excited that you landed on our website. 


You’re probably wondering… It all looks quite cute and stuff, but WHAT IS this product exactly? It’s confusing because you might be thinking: “it comes out of a Nespresso machine, so it has to be coffee, right?” 

Well, the answer is NOPE. We came up with a cool new product that is easy to use and comes right out of your Nespresso machine, BUT it isn’t in fact coffee. It’s an alternative for coffee inside a capsule. After months of experimenting, we came up with five different flavors: beetroot, matcha, turmeric, ginger and chai.  

This means all of our individual ingredients live inside of our I.AM.capsules. And the good part is all of our ingredients are 100% natural with no additives inside. So, not only you, but your body will love our products!


The reason we call our product a “coffee alternative” is because you can drink it the way you drink your coffee. You can drink it as a shot, a lungo, or the way we like it best – with frothed (plant-based) milk. It will be the perfect alternative for your sacred morning, afternoon or evening “coffee moment”, but without the coffee part, which can help lower your caffeine intake.


Some people ask us: “So then, is it compareable to tea?” Well, you can add boiling water to your beverage and make it more tea-like. But, personally we believe, our caps differ from tea and that’s why we drink it in our own unique way. Our brief answer to this question usually is: “It’s not coffee, not tea, just try me!”


Enough about the ingredients. Let’s talk about our brand vision and values. 

We want to leave behind a healthy world for generations to come, so we take care of mother earth. That’s why we decided to only work with 100% compostable capsules. These capsules are 100% plant-based and will dissolve within 14 days (when putting them into a green bin). Want to read more about our eco-friendly capsules? Please click here 

So, to sum it all up for you: we're a 100% natural coffee alternative for all people and ages. Not only are our ingredients good for you, our capsules are good for the planet as well.

 We’re ready to make this world a more colourful place. Are you in?

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